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Samsonite Camera Bag

When buying your own camera, make sure you complete set of accessories to make your trip easier and a memory collection. Remember that the rights materials help produce the right job. So whether you are an amateur or a pro photographer, you should have the necessary items with you. Then with the proper materials are packaged in bags Samsonite, you easily can empower your skills in photography.

Especially, the life partner of your photography equipment is comfortable camera bag yet sturdy. Indeed, it must be the case that can contain tools and accessories such as extra film and batteries can be easily carried to any place where your subject is required; it should be sturdy and roomy for all your belongings.

To meet these needs, Samsonite camera bag will suit you. This bag features high density padding with closed cells to reduce the gear you are very sensitive to contact, friction and damage. Pad is made from lightweight materials so they do not add so much to heavy for the bag.

Samsonite camera bag is built with flex-holding pocket to achieve both decorative and functional. Pocket provides additional security for your batteries, memory cards, lenses or other camera installation. With Samsonite camera bag, you can be sure that you can take all your photographic equipment in a regular bag.

Additional features found in the Samsonite camera bag are typical cell dividers and padded to provide partitions for different items. Then you can store your belongings in the bag without having to worry that they might confuse or mix messily as you travel. It is important that the things you need to be secured to the free mobility problems. After all, your mind must be occupied with what and how to do your job.

As a photographer, you'll want to impound the best of views, putting life frozen in time and express thoughts million in frames and Samsonite camera bag offers you the best deals to provide protection for your gear.

So whether you're walking in the park or conquer the mountain tops, Samsonite camera bag has an extreme outside pack designed compatible with your rugged outdoor activities. Flip top lid has an easy to operate keys that can help you use one hand when preparing the opening of other things on the other.

To complete package of features, from Samsonite camera bag straps are padded for transportation and comfortable to grip guaranteed. So anywhere you go, no matter how long you have to walk, and Samsonite camera bag is there to help you in your work.

Getting ready for prolific photographic work? Gear up! Take your right thumb rule pro and provide appropriate equipment in a bag that is easy and convenient to carry.

Photography is a lot of fun; it titillates the imagination and empowers creativity. If it catches your interest, you cannot help but take the adventure. Samsonite camera bag is designed to be your friend as you put out the best of your subject. With only one bag, you are sure to accommodate all your accessories to come up with the best shot.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

National Geographic Camera Bag Style

Any person who has an aesthetic sense will surely be captured by the scholarly presentation of the National Geographic of the scenes, natural views and wildlife that can be found in this great planet. So you might wonder, what could be the principle adhered to by their photographers to produce more than a portrait, but a story.

There are many crucial elements that affect the essence of a picture. There is a way on how to capture the soul of the place, the behavior of the animal, the feeling of a person and the story behind every scenario. And to improve your photographic skills, you should learn to observe the critical works of the pros. Most importantly, you should have the necessary gears that you will need in your photo shooting.

When buying a camera, you surely need to get it some other accessories. These accessories could be so complicated and delicate enough that they will require a pretty good container which will provide a safe room for each item.

Since you are aiming to work like a pro, why not use the tool of a pro!
The National Geographic group knows what you exactly need as a photographer because they have the same needs as well. They are the reliable manufacturers of photographic gears since their excellent output could speak for them.

The National Geographic manufactures an array of camera bags for each photographic need. Each model of the camera bag is modified for convenience and utmost service.

You know that it's an object-De-art if it is a product of National Geographic. They attribute their labor to quality art more than the commercial side of the business. The National Geographic camera bags are comprised of compartments which are padded to hold and protect the delicate paraphernalia. Professional photographers work with a variety of lenses which are very sensitive, and therefore need secured partitions where they won't be hitting each other.

The exterior designs of the camera bags also provide an ultimate weather protection. Just like the National Geographic, you may need to go a lot adventures to spot the subject of your work. With the National Geographic camera bag, you won't have to worry of sudden changes from above boiling point to below freezing temperatures to affect the contents of your bag.

The National Geographic camera bags are provided with large front pockets and slimmer side pockets for personal accessories. There are also external pouches which are used to carry mobile phones or mp3 players. These attachments will help you organize your things in your bag so as to have a hassle-free journey. Then you can have access to your gears easily.

The National Geographic bags are extremely gadget bags that can accommodate even your memory cards and extra batteries. With its exceptional features, you can explore every possible way your imagination can reach.

These bags are also convenient to use on trips and adventures such as mountain climbing or biking. They are light and durable but also roomy to welcome all your photographic equipment. They provide perfect protection against rude and changing weathers. Only National Geographic camera bag can guarantee you with optimum service which no other can offer. It is simply the tool of the pros, and the tool that you also need.

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What’s inside Your Digital Camera Bag

It all paid off. After months of saving money, you now have in your hands the digital camera you have been dreaming of. Together with your digital cam, you also acquired a good-quality camera bag. 

A camera bag is a container of different camera paraphernalia. So, what is inside your digital camera bag? Some of the common accessories which can be found in a camera bag are the following: 

Digital Camera
The camera bag will lose its vital essence without the camera itself. There are different types and sizes of digital camera; hence it is important to consider the type and size of the camera before getting a camera bag.

Memory Holder
It is possible to store series of pictures because of memory sticks. Choosing the right camera bag will secure not only your memory holder but the stored photos as well.
A space for a memory card is crucial since it is tiny yet is an important camera accessory. Therefore, make sure that the camera bag you acquired has a memory holder.

Give life to your digital cam. Make sure to bring with you several pieces of batteries. Most camera bags have specified storage areas for the batteries.
Recharger for batteries
Being prepared will save you a lot of trouble. Thus, a battery recharger inside your camera bag will be most helpful especially when your batteries run out of life. Choose a bag which can properly hold the battery recharger. 

Most tripods will fit into medium to large size camera bags. Most individuals prefer to bring with them a tripod to ensure steady picture taking. Some on the other hand keep a tripod inside their bags whenever they plan to set the self-timer on their cameras.

You may find camera lenses as well as filters in some camera bags. Other chooses to store remote controls inside their camera bags. Items stored inside a camera bag vary.
It depends on the user. The camera bag user may be a novice in the photography profession hence he may have a lot of beginner’s camera equipments. On the other hand, the user may be a pro. Some pros choose to bring camera equipments inside their bag what is only necessary for a specific project.

Size matters when it comes to seeking answer on what is inside your camera bag. Since camera bags come in different sizes, the equipments to be stored depend on the size of your bag. With a small camera bag you can store the essentials – the camera, batteries and to some extent the battery recharger. However, with a large camera bag, you can put in most of your camera accessories whether small or big. There are individuals who are comfortable in bringing different sizes of camera bags in one photo trip so that all accessories will fit in its proper places. 

What is inside your digital camera bag matters. Items in your bag will help you come up with good photos. If you forgot to store an extra battery inside your bag then your photos will most likely appear blurry or to some extent you cannot take pictures anymore. It is also a good advice to stock up on memory sticks inside your camera bag, without it then you are just limited with the standard memory of your digital camera.

Grab your camera bag and make sure that it has the accessories you will need so that you can comfortably say “cheese.”

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Bean Bag for Your Camera

Watching television at home and sitting in your favorite bean bag offers a lot of comfort. But did you know that not all bean bags are large? If you're a photographer, you've probably seen one of this. Yes, there are bean bags which are quite small, and are used for your cameras.

It's but ordinary to see people walking around with cameras dangling from their necks. Photographers are just like that, they want to be ready in case they spot something that might catch their interest. But what if you need to carry your camera from one place to another? You probably don’t want it to get wet if it rains, or get too much dust when you're on the outside.

One effective way of carrying your camera safely is putting it inside a camera bag. This not only protects your camera from harsh weathers but also keeps it from being stolen. By now, you're aware that there are a lot of people out there who are looking for likely victims for their crimes like robbery and hold ups.

Choosing a bag for your camera can be rather time consuming. Either you find a bag which is too small or you find one that is too big. Perhaps, it's a good idea to bring your camera when you go shopping for a camera bag.

Some bags are great for storing your camera along with its other accessories, but you can never be satisfied with just one bag. Sometimes, you find camera bags which are not padded enough to allow full camera protection. In this case, you can make use of bean bags.

There are bean bags especially made for cameras, like the one manufactured by Adorama. The Adorama bean bag supports the camera and its lenses. It protects it from getting damaged both in even and uneven surfaces. The bag is made from non-skid materials filled with pellets, designed not to hold moisture or prevents it from deteriorating. Bean bags can fit any camera bag, regardless of its size to protect and support your camera. The Adorama bean bag measure six inches by eight inches.

There are also other brands of bean bags available. You can find lots of them in online stores like eBay and All bean bags are designed to support your camera if your camera bag has too much space. Putting camera bean bags gives added protection so you can be sure that no matter how much you move, you're camera will be secured.

Bean bags are cheap. In fact, you can find camera bean bags for less than ten dollars. So you can purchase any camera bag you like, and if there is a need for a bean bag, just put it inside the camera bag.

The camera bag alone has also other uses. It can be used to carry other things, so just to make sure that you have a spare bean bag for your camera so that it won't get in the way of your other personal things.

Bean bags come in different colors; but the most common are blue and black. It's a very useful accessory if you have a camera bag. If you can't find the one that you're looking for in online stores, you can also do some shopping around in your local stores. Bring your camera along and see if the bean bags suit your camera. 

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Type Of Crumple Bag

A bag serves as the receptacle to different items. Commonly, it is made from leather, cloth or paper which can easily be opened and closed. Bags are usually used by students at school. Bags also have made a good name from sports enthusiasts. With individuals drawing its attention to the benefits a bag can bring them, photo enthusiasts also founds the importance of a bag in their field. 

A camera bag is an accessory which is often ignored yet provides good benefits to its users. The main function of a camera bag is to protect your camera from external aspects such as the extreme heat of the sun, rainfall, dust, and most importantly scratches. Moreover, a camera bag safeguards your camera from the possibility to incur heavy damage if you accidentally trip over or when the camera has been by chance dropped. 
Protection is not the sole benefit you can gain from having a camera bag. It also serves as a container to other camera-related paraphernalia such as batteries and roll of films. 
With the many benefits one can get from obtaining a camera bag, these days some manufacturers combine benefits with style. One good example are Crumple bags

Crumple bags originated in Melbourne and it is presently recognized in Japan and the United States. There are five types of Crumple bags which you can choose from. 

1.            Crumple Thirsty Al – This type of bag have three uses. You have the choice to use it as a camera bag. Whenever you are free from getting pictures, you have the option to use the Crumple Thirsty Al as a belt pouch where you can put small camera items. If you think that a shoulder bag will be more chic, then you can turn it to the way you like it. 
2.            Crumple John Thursday Bags – Indeed, you can opt to use this type of bag during Thursdays. This is a dual-purpose bag. You can use it as a camera bag and as a belt pouch. 
3.            Crumple The Bundle Shoulder Bags – if you want to keep your camera equipments away from thieves then this type of bag is meant for you. This type of Crumple bag does not showcase to the public that you are carrying a valuable camera inside it.  
4.            Crumple Million Dollar Home Bags – this is intended for storage of camera and its lenses. The materials used for this type of Crumple bag is designed to provide utmost protection with high-quality pads for the lenses since it can easily be broken.  
5.            Crumple Stamp Claimer – this can be considered an all-in-one camera bag where you can store not only the camera itself but its lens and accessories. 

Crumple camera bags come in different colors to suit your preference. All you need to do is choose your desired color for your camera bag. 

If you want handiness and style blended together in a camera bag, then Crumple camera bags is the key to your need. Going online can offer you in-depth information regarding this type of camera bags. The Internet can also provide you with sample pictures of the bag, the available colors for the type of design, and most importantly the price of the types of camera bags available or being offered.

Bags may be just one of the many camera accessories but the advantage it brings is incomparable.

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Waterproof Bag For Photographers

Normally a photographer will always carry photographic equipment with them wherever they go to take interesting pictures as memories during his lifetime. For example, you go on vacation in a place that is interesting and you need a boat to get there. On the way you will probably get a lot of interesting things to draw. However, you forget about your security camera.

This atmosphere will make you feel uncomfortable when thinking about your camera. On this occasion you can expect to take as many memories for posterity in life and can be shared with others. To accomplish this camera manufacturers and bag manufacturers are now selling the equipment on to all photographers to hold the camera will secure photographers.

These bags are produced specifically for the camera. By using this camera bag, you will be able to protect your expensive camera and comfortable taking great photos that cannot be forgotten or to share with family and friends.

At present, there are many types of camera bags sold. The resulting camera bag is designed to protect the camera from damage. There is also a camera bag is made of foam padding for added protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances occur such as camera bags dropped on a hard floor. Camera bag can protect your expensive camera from breaking.

If you take a picture in the tropical islands. You'll encounter wet conditions to take a picture. Electronic devices cannot be exposed to water. Therefore, you need a waterproof  bag to protect your camera. You can take a picture of it up if security camera is always guaranteed.

You do not have to worry anymore because there is no waterproof  bag for sale at the moment. This waterproof bag is made in various sizes and designs. No camera bag designed for all the camera equipment and some are designed for one camera only. There are also designs for the two cameras in one bag. You have many choices of camera bags that you should have.

Waterproof  bag is designed not absorb water. Therefore, if your camera bag fell into the water, sensitive electronic equipment and expensive will remain dry and safe. You should choose a waterproof bag that easily floats so easily taken when dropped into water.
These features you should know before you buy a waterproof  bag. This bag will ensure maximum protection for the camera and other equipment that you carry. You must ensure waterproof  bag that you buy is large enough to meet your needs and floats on water.

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Backpacks And Doing It

When you left the house to go to a place, you will carry your bags together. Lots of interest to us, especially bags to store all the goods that are in good condition and safe.
There are many types of bags available in the market today. Among them are school bags, designer bags for men and women, laptop bag, bag accessories and camera bags. If you love the art of photography you need to have a special bag for storing valuable camera expensive camera so that his safety is assured.

There is a special backpack for the camera in a camera store and also on the internet. If you're too lazy to go buy a backpack, you can buy through the internet by selecting various styles of bags suitable for your camera. The online stores are offering various types of bags. Among the existing bags are as follows.

1. Apollo rear camera packs

2. Canon Deluxe Back Pack

3. Lower Slingshot 100AW Digital Camera Backpack

4. Tarmac back of the pack Mini Trekker

5. Pro mini back pack camera bag

This is only part of the existing backpack bag for camera. More brands bags that you can choose when you go to buy it. The bag you choose depends on your needs. You also can choose various accessories to be placed in the bag.

You can choose a backpack for easy shooting. There is a bag that has a lot of pockets to store items like batteries and film. There are also bags have a compass. At the bottom is the place to put the camera while on the top of the bag is the place to store your personal belongings.

This duffel bag there are a variety of colors and designs. If you have the ability to buy an expensive bag. You can make a bag specially designed specifically to face the extremely hot weather. There is also a camera bag that has a rain cover to protect the camera from wet and damaged. There are also compartments in the bag provided for storing MP3 or CD player.

You must choose a camera bag that is durable and of high quality. Often, an expensive bag covered durable. Many people ignore this because there are more affordable bags. Buy cheap bag that no offense but make sure the bag is purchased it can be used to carry the camera easily and safely.

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Laptop and Camera Bag: An Essential for a Professional Photographer

Your digital camera is one of the most important tools you will have as a professional photographer, in fact it is your primary tool. You have to consider the fact that because of the advancement in technology, film cameras are now considered obsolete. This is why many professional photographers are now getting professional digital cameras for them to take pictures of.

The fact that digital cameras are more superior in terms of quality, it is just plain obvious that you too should try and get a digital camera for yourself. Also, digital cameras are able to store a lot more data than film cameras.

However, you should remember that professional digital cameras are very expensive. Therefore, you should know how to properly take care of it. As a professional photographer, you will need a professional camera bag in order for you to better take care of your camera and make it last a long time.
It is also recommended that as a professional photographer, you will need a laptop where you can connect your digital camera to and transfer your digital photos in case you run out of digital space in your memory card to take more photos.

A laptop is also an essential tool for photography. This is where you can edit your photos to make it look better and this is also where you can send your photos to your editor via email. Because of laptops and digital cameras, taking pictures for newspaper columns is far easier than ever before. Your boss will no longer wait for you to develop your films and then send it to him or her via snail mail to get it printed on the newspaper or magazine.

Because the photos are already in digital format, all you have to do is connect your digital camera to your laptop, retrieve the digital photos to your laptop from your digital camera, edit it to make it look better, and send it through email.

This is why you should also purchase a professional camera bag that will be able to fit a laptop. Tamrac and Kiesel bags are one of the manufacturers of different professional camera bags that is able to provide you with a camera bag that is large enough to fit all your professional camera equipments, your laptop, and also your personal effects.

These professional camera bags will have foam padding to better protect your expensive equipments. Because of this feature, you don’t have to worry much when you accidentally drop your bag. Also, a professional camera bag will have water resistant features. This means that even when it rains or snow, you can be sure that the equipment inside the bag will remain dry. You should also consider a camera bag that is discreet.

What discreet means is that it shouldn’t be able to tell people that the camera bag you are carrying is indeed a camera bag and contains expensive professional camera equipments. You should consider that camera bags that screams out that it's a camera bag will be a target for thieves.

Today, there are camera bags available that can be easily mistaken for a regular backpack. You should get this kind of camera bag because it will have all the features mentioned for a good professional camera bag.

Always remember that as a professional photographer, you need to be able to take care of your equipments. Besides, your camera is where you get your living. Get a camera bag that can fit both your expensive camera equipments and its accessories, and also your laptop.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kodak Camera Bag – May Just Be the Next Big Thing

It seems that the world has gone camera wild, all festooned in special light meters, snotty lenses, and fancy bags necessary to bundle out the gears.

Perhaps people have been just spending lots of time thinking on which digital or film camera to purchase. The very last thing people want to think out is which designer camera bag to pick.

Yet, after purchasing a new camera, a camera bag may just be the next big thing. But why is it? You definitely would like to have a bag that can secure your camera, and besides you would certainly want to carry your sensitive camera around with you. More so, you would surely like to have a camera bag which allows easy equipment access and can organize your photographic gear.

Now, Kodak, the world's biggest provider of photographic equipment, offers the answer to all your camera storage needs. With a Kodak camera bag, you can sort out your gear at the same time protecting your camera. It can pile up your extra film, memory cards, picture cards or batteries for easy access. It can as well give the padding and moving convenience to secure your equipment from bangs and drops. Pick a bag which isn't only simple to lug and organize, but one that would also let you pack some other stuff, like lens clean-up materials.

Kodak features an extensive variety of camera bags to suit each photo fanatic's needs – from hefty bags that carry loads of accessories to en suite cases that fit tidily in your pockets.

Protect your photo equipment with the Kodak-featured small cam bag. You will be amazed with the number of accessories this bag can hold. The bag is crafted of sturdy nylon and vinyl covering for safe storage of your camera gears. It features 3" x 3" open interlace mesh pouch inside the lid to protectively hold memory cards or batteries. The adequate size of the front pocket can hold lenses and cables. The bag's detachable and adjustable shoulder strap provides an easy moving belt loop transporting option.

Here are other Kodak-features Small Camera Bags:

•             Graphite Cam Pocket Bag – smallest crafted bag in black bag series that is great for carrying your tiny cameras with easy fit

•             Graphite Cam Mini Bag – small but practical and holds camera C series perfectly

•             Graphite Cam Petite Bag – comes with an adjustable inside compartment and a shoulder carrying strap, allows easy access inside pocket to hold memory cards

The Kodak Camera Medium Bag is stylishly designed similar with the company's Small Camera Bag. It is also made of nylon and vinyl combination covering for the surest protection of the equipment. The bag is packed with several compartments and pockets for storage of multiple cameras and other accessories.

Kodak's Large Camera bag, on the other hand, is designed to keep your entire photographic gears neat and orderly. This camera bag features open mesh pouches which measures 8" x 5" for secure storage of equipment accessories. It also consists of two pockets on each side and a front pocket outside the bag. The bag also goes with a hand grip and shoulder strap for an easy carry.

Various leading camera brands like Canon, Panasonic, Sony, and Hitachi have there own distinctly designed camera bags that can fit whichever camera you own. However, most of these manufacturers create bags specifically designed for digital cameras.

Now, whichever brand of camera bag you pick on, make sure that you get yourself an excellent and practical one.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Canvas Camera Bags: Protecting Your Camera While Looking Good

It is a fact that the profession of photography will require you to purchase a lot of equipments. Even if you are just a recreational photographer, you will still need lots of accessories in order to let your photos look like it was professionally shot.

Aside from the digital camera, you will also need a lot of accessories, such as extra batteries, USB cables to connect to your computer, and you will also need extra memory cards for those extra photos you need.

With all these accessories, you don’t want to fit all of it in your pocket or to your regular backpack. You will need a professional photo bag in order to look professional and also protect your equipment at the same time. One such camera bag is called the canvass camera bag. This camera bag looks and feels very traditional.

However, because of the available technology today, canvas bags are made with extra protection for your expensive digital camera. The canvas camera bags today are made of heavyweight cotton and have features that molds around its contents to provide minimum inside movement. This means that the camera inside will not move around and bump on your other accessories even with excessive movement of your body. Also, it hugs your body, has a smooth texture, and friendly to clothing and equipment for maximum comfort and protection.

The fabrics that you will see on cotton canvas camera bags today are naturally water resistant. Adding for the protection, it will be made with a repellent treatment in the dyeing process to make it even more water resistant. This means that your expensive digital camera as well as its accessories will be protected in all kinds of weather.

Another great thing about the cotton canvas camera bag is that even if it is water resistant, the fabric is still breathable, which means that even on places where there is high humidity, the insides of your cotton canvas bag will remain dry.

If you are worried about getting your camera stolen, you have to realize the fact that this happens because some bags are designed to the shape of a camera and it tells everyone that there is expensive equipment inside. The cotton canvas camera bag is very discreet and the person looking at it won't even know that it is a camera bag.

There are also canvas camera bags that are built with some padding inside to better protect your expensive equipment if you accidentally drop it. It is recommended that you should purchase a canvas camera bag that offers this extra feature. Because of the extra padding, you'll never need to worry about accidentally dropping it on hard surfaces.

The fact that digital cameras and its accessories are very expensive, you need to purchase a camera bag like a canvas camera bag. This bag also has different pouches where you can separate your camera from the other accessories. Because of this feature, you will be able to organize your accessories and also avoid getting wires tangled up or getting something accidentally dropped on the ground when you reach for your camera.

So, if you want to better protect your expensive digital camera and also its accessories, you have to get a canvas camera bag. With this bag, you can be sure that you will take quality photos for a very long time.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Canon Camera Bag: Protecting Your Expensive Canon Camera

Today, digital cameras are a must-have for everyone. It may be more expensive than your regular film camera on the first purchase, but you will see that digital cameras can offer much more savings in the long run. Because you don’t need films and because of the high quality digital cameras offer, you will definitely get value for your money.

Purchasing a digital camera will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your entire life. With this camera, you will be able to take memorable pictures into digital and print format that can last a long time.

When you invest in a digital camera, it is recommended that you invest in the best kind of digital camera available to ensure the best quality and durability of the pictures and also the camera itself. One such manufacturers of the best kind of digital camera is Canon. Canon is known to produce one of the best quality digital cameras that lasts a long time and also takes brilliant photos that you can share with your family and friends.

Because Canon digital cameras are known to produce quality pictures and very durable, you have to know that Canon digital cameras can be expensive. This is why you should also protect your investment by also getting Canon digital camera accessories to enable you to protect these expensive yet durable cameras.
One such accessory that you can get with your Canon digital camera is the Canon digital camera bag. This bag will act as a safety shell for your Canon digital camera. With this bag, you will see that it comes with different pouches where you can insert your digital camera, your memory cards and other accessories needed to get your Canon digital camera to work.
This accessory can have pads to better protect your camera. So, if you accidentally drop it, you can be sure that the Canon digital camera inside, as well as your Canon digital accessories will be protected with the padding. Some bags are also built to be water resistant to better protect the camera from the weather.

It is a fact that investing in a Canon digital camera can have a lot of benefits. With a Canon digital camera, you can take pictures of you and your family's memorable moments. However, you should also consider investing in the protection of your expensive Canon digital camera by purchasing a camera bag complete with pouches for the other accessories and also with padding and water resistant feature to better protect your investment.

So, the next time you purchase a Canon digital camera, make sure you also get a camera bag for it. With a camera bag, you will be sure that you can take memorable pictures of you and your family at memorable events and location for a very long time with your Canon digital camera.

Protect your investment with a camera bag from Canon. Not only will you have something to put your camera in, but you will also have something that will definitely protect your camera better.

Get a Canon digital camera bag and enjoy your digital camera and its accessories for a very long time. Always remember that Canon digital cameras are expensive equipments where you should also consider investing for its safety to ensure durability.

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